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M-GV 200 Genverter

Generator Systems (high power)

Article Number
41008005M-GV 200 Genverter
Nominal Power 40 - 200 kW (1500 - 4500 rpm)
Rated output voltage up to 750 VDC
Technology variable speed, light weight high speed diesel generator with water cooled compact 3-phase permanet magnet flywheel integrated alternator
RPM window 1250-4500 RPM
Sound level 58 dBA at 1500 RPM at 7 mrts
Engine model MO306H43WJ
Engine tehcnology 4-stroke, turbo charged, intercooled,direct-injection, fresh water cooling, mono block, high speed combustion diesel engine
Outpput at Crankshaft 215 kW (295 HP) at 4300 RPM
Number of cylinders 6 in line
Injection system two stage unit injectors,mechanically driven but electronically controlled with injection pressures up to 2000 bar
Displacement 3200 cm³ (195 cid)
Bore 85 mm (3.35’)
Stroke 94 mm (3.7’)
Compression ratio 17,0
Max. torque 540 Nm at 3800 RPM
Fuel consumption 215 G/kWh
Exhaust emissions EPA Tier II, RCD/2003/44
Sea water inlet & outlet Ø 25 mm (1”), 89 mm (31/2”)
Electrical system 12 VDC system plug in solution;14 V / 80 A Alternator; 2 pole installation as standard;engine diagnostic as standard


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