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WP-GI 7000 Galvanic Isolation-transformer

Isolation Transformers

Article Number
60110300WP-GI 7000, Galvanic Isolation Transformator 7000VA, 35A
Application Galvanic Isolation-transformer for safety and protection of galvanic corrosion
Transformer type 2 winding toroidal isolation transformer
Construction method Special vibration isolated mounting of transformer
Cooling method Temperature controlled gradually regulated forced air cooling above 60° transformer core
Winding Data
Rated power 7.0kVA
Rated voltage 230V / 110V
Rated frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
Nominal current 30A / 60A
Inrush current Softstart included <4A per unit
Tappings Prim/sec. mid-point (110VAC)
Material winding Copper
Temperature rise class Class F 100 K
Insulation class Class H 180 C
Insulation level Class AC3
Impedance Secundary less than 3.0% at 3.6kVA
General data
No load consumption 2x 21W
Full load efficiency >95%
Ambient operating temperature -10°C .. +45°C, derating to 80°C
Storage temperature -25°C to 85°C
Operating humidity 95% max, non-condensing
Audible noise <40.0 dB(A); <50dB(A) with forced cooling
Local user interface None
Overcurrent, short circuit Not included, external breaker(s) required according to local regulations
Temperature protection Automatic switch off if transformer core > 120°C
Overvoltage protection Softstart is protected for overvoltage using fuse
Earthscreen between windings Compliant to ABYC, can carry full fault current
Safety Standards IEC 60079, IEC 60726
Protection degree IP21
Connections input/output 6mm2 max.
Cable gland entry 22mm
Dimensions (HxWxD) 2x 510x330x150 per unit
Mounting holes M10
Weight 2x 28.6 kg
Enclosure construction Steel sheet metal
Surface finishing RAL9003 structure powder coating
Optional article nr.
60110105 WP-GI Replacement cover with DIN-rail mount
50214640 Shore power circuit breaker 16A / 230V-1ph-3 wire
50214641 Shore power circuit breaker 25A / 230V-1ph-3 wire
50214642 Shore power circuit breaker 35A / 230V-1ph-3 wire
50214645 WP-Energy Meter 1P+N 65A DIN-rail mount


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