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WP-CB Charger Booster

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The WP – CB Charger Booster is designed for Euro 6 compliant vehicles. Its purpose is to charge an auxiliary battery from the vehicle’s engine with the correct charging voltage regardless of the incoming power quality.

The device functions as a DC/DC charger / converter between the vehicle’s starter battery and the auxiliary battery, which is normally used as an extra power source for various AC and DC appliances. We offer versions for 12 and 24 VDC systems and both models are able to supply 50 A power. For the 12 V version the DC output is fixed at 14.4 VDC and for the 24 V version the output is fixed at 28.8 VDC. The input voltage ranges from 9 VDC (12 V systems) to 18 VDC (24 V systems) 


Article Number
60110060WP-CB Charger-Booster Euro 6, 12 VDC 50 A
60110061 *WP-CB Charger-Booster Euro 6, 24 VDC 50 A with IC
60110062 **WP-CB Charger-Booster Euro 6, 12 VDC 50 A
60110065 *WP-CB Charger-Booster Euro 6, 24 VDC 50 A
Input range, full output specifications 10,5..17 VDC / 21..32 VDC *
Input range 9..18 VDC / 9..32 VDC*
Nominal output voltage 14,4 VDC / 28,8 VDC*
Voltage adjustment None
Output voltage ripple, peak 1%
Maximum output current 50 A / 30 A**
Continuous output current at 40ºC 50 A
Efficiency >93%
No load consumption <80 mA
Ambient operating temperature -10°C .. + 40°C, de-rating to + 60°C
Storage temperature -25°C .. + 85°C
Operating humidity 95% max, non-condensing
Galvanic insulation Common negative
Cooling fan No
Overcurrent / short circuit Yes / fuse
Over heat, shutdown Limited power by temperature sensor
Connections input/output, brass stips 8 mm2
Enclosure Dimensions (H*W*D) 64 x 355 x 163 mm
Weight 2.25 kg


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