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Delta water/gas separator

System Accessories

Available as a complete kit or simply as an exhaust silencer / waterlock in three sizes suitable for all engines or standard generators from 3 kW - 30 kW.

  • Designed to shift the exhaust fumes from the cooling water via two outlets:
    one above the waterline (fumes) and the second to discharge the cooling water consequently, the exhaust noise is reduced drastically with no splash noise
  • Parts are made from fire proof polyester
  • Parts fully comply with ABYC regulations

Kits include:

  • Hoses (certified to ISO 13363/ marine use)
  • Heavy duty hose clamps
  • Seacocks
  • Through-hull fittings
Article Number
40230261DELTA Water-gas separator kit (15/8’) 40 mm
40230262DELTA Water-gas separator kit (2’) 51 mm
40230264DELTA Water-gas separator kit (21/2’) 63 mm
40230097DELTA Water-gas separator 40 mm
40230098DELTA Water-gas separator 51 mm
40230193DELTA Water-gas separator L 51 16 liter
40230194DELTA Water-gas separator L 63 16 liter
40230195DELTA Water-gas separator L 76 16 liter



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