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Dry exhaust kit

System Accessories

The Dry Exhaust kit contains two silencers: an absorption and a resonance muffler.

Article Number
40201325Dry exhaust kit 1” for the W-GV 4 and W-GV 7i
40201326Dry exhaust kit 1” for the W-GV 4 / 7i, W-SC 6 combination of absorbtion and resonantion muffler
40201320Dry exhaust kit 1” for the W-SC 6
40201875Dry exhaust kit 11/2” for the W-SC 10, W-SQ 6, W-SQ 8, W-SQ 12 and the W-SQ 16
40201889Dry exhaust kit 2” for the W-SQ 27



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