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High power off-grid

High power off-grid

Grid Independer: high power off-grid solar/diesel system

Solar Modules offer a perfect way to produce ‘free of charge’ clean electrical power. Sometimes power consumption exceeds the radiation intensity of the sun, causing batteries to remain uncharged which will result in damage and forced replacement. The Grid Independer system of WhisperPower is the ideal solution to ensure the supply of DC and AC power. Batteries will be topped up entirely and high power consumption periods will be backed up by the build-in diesel generator.

WhisperPower’s Grid Independer is a power system consisting of Power Generation, Power Storage and Power Conversion parts.

We distinguish 2 variations:
  • Our Grid Independer to be combined with Solar Modules (W-GI SP)
  • Our Grid Independer to be used without Solar Modules (W-GI BU)
Grid Independer with Solar Module input
  • The main power source of this version is the solar array. This power source is leading. To our Grid Independer you can connect up to 40 Solar panels of 200 Wp/ 24 VDC for example. Inverter input/ battery voltage is 24VDC or 48VDC.
  • Charging the battery occurs via a special high efficient solar voltage regulator/ our so called Maximum Power Point Tracker of max 80 amps.
  • 230VAC/ 50Hz power (or 120V 60Hz) is supplied by the sine wave inverter connected to the battery – our smallest version supplies 4kW cont, 12kW peak.
  • In case of insufficient solar radiation, the built- in Genverter generator starts automatically.
  • The AC power load is powered in a direct way while the battery is charged at the same time by the inverter / battery charger.
  • When the Genverter is running at max rpm (3000rpm), the combined output power of the inverter and the generator together is max 8kW. This output power can be considered as peak power to be used during for example 1 hour.
  • When the battery is re-charged, the Genverter will run slower and will switch- off finally.
Grid Independer without Solar input

The principle of this version is similar, but this system does not use any external DC power sources like solar modules. The GENVERTER plus the BATTERY CHARGING device (either a WPC Power Centre, or a WP Combi, or a DC PowerCube) is re-charging the battery, which acts as the power storage. This system allows fast battery re-charging and short engine running time.


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