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Grid connected / Off-grid

Grid connected / Off-grid

Grid connected, off-grid & self consumption

In countries with a high penetration degree of grid connected solar systems (systems with solar modules connected via a DC to AC inverter to the public grid) the so called SELF CONSUMPTION ad-on system is becoming popular. Why? As a general rule, the amount of energy produced when using solar power does not always equate to household consumption needs. As a result, the use of a 'Self Consumption' add-on system, which enables the storage of excess energy for automatic use at a later time specifically for private household needs, is becoming increasingly popular. By programming household equipment or scheduling the use of appliances to coincide with peak solar power production, enables the end user to fully profit from all of the benefits from the solar power energy source. This reduces the amount of electricity required from the main grid and therefore reduces the energy consumption for the household from utility suppliers. The use of these battery storage systems, enabling stored excess energy to provide energy on demand, can increase the ability to use self produced energy by to up to 70%.

WhisperPower offers the Modular Home Energy System.
This complete solution, which uses stored energy to offer maximum efficiency in a decentralised manner includes:

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