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WP Combi 12V-2000W-80A

Sinewave Inverter / Charger

Article Number
61112280WP- COMBI 12/2000-80 + 3A slave / 230V / 50Hz
Inverter True Sine Wave
Nominal battery voltage 12 VDC
Input voltage range 10..16VDC
Power @ 25°C 2000 W
Continuous Power @ 40°C 1800 W
Power 1 min. @ 25°C 2500 W
Power 20 sec. @ 25°C 3000 VA
Maximum load fully protected up to short circuit
Maximum a-symmetric load 1000 VA
Load detection (stand-by) >15W
Power factor up to 1
Efficiency (@ full load) 88%
Zero load power <20W
Standby power (load search) <5W
Output voltage 230VAC +/- 3%
Output frequency 50Hz +/- 0.5%
Harmonic distortion (voltage) THD<3%
Overload and short-circuit protection auto disconnect after 3 start attempts
Overheat protection Yes (The WP-Combi has to be restarted manually)
Charge Characteristic IUU Multi step
Charge voltage - bulk GEL 14.40V / AGM 14.40V / Open Lead 14.25 V / Traction 14.60V
Charge voltage - absorption Gel 14.25V / AGM 14.25V / Open Lead 14.25V / Traction 14.45V
Charge voltage - float Gel 13.80V / AGM 13.80V / Open Lead 13.25V / Traction 13.25V
Equalizing voltage (for 30 minutes) 15.5 VDC
Maximum charging current Max. 80 A (adjustable)
Temperature compensation -30mV/°C (by external temperature sensor)
Slave charger 12V/3A
Power Factor Correction (PFC) yes
Input voltage range 194..250Vac (UPS mode) 170..265Vac (GEN mode)
Input frequency range 45..65Hz (UPS mode) 40..70Hz (GEN mode)
Input current max 30A (protected by internal circuit breaker)
Charging input current (max charging current @ 230Vac) 4.5A (adjustable)
Transfer time 10..15 ms (UPS mode) 2sec (GEN mode)
Operating modes (front accessible) On / Off / Charger only
Local user interface State of load, state of charge, inverter on/off, charger only mode,AC present, current control, charger settings (capacity, battery type, low voltage detection settings, operation mode)
Remote panel (RJ12) State of load, state of charge, inverter on/off, AC present
Weight 23.5 kg
Dimension hxwxd [mm] 458 x 200 x 190 mm
Protection degree IP21
Color RAL 9006 (White aluminum) and RAL 7016 (Anthracite grey)
Conformity EN60950-1, EN55022, CE marking
Operating temperature range -10..40°C (derating from 40 to 65°C)
Storage temperature -40..70°C
Relative humidity (operational) 0%-95%, non-condensing
Ventilation Forced air
Warranty 1 year
Battery connector Two M6 screws
AC connectors M4 screw terminal blocks
WP Combi 12 / 2000 - 80
WP Combi Remote Panel
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Datasheet WP-Combi
(1.818 kB, pdf)
Datasheet WP Combi
(1.690 kB, pdf)
Datenblatt WP-Combi
(1.028 kB, pdf)
Ficha de Datos WP-combi
(1.220 kB, pdf)


Drawing WP-Combi
(559 kB, pdf)


User manual WP-Combi
(4.147 kB, pdf)
WP-Combi - Handbuch
(1.815 kB, pdf)


CE - Declaration of Conformity WP-Combi
(218 kB, pdf)


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