The way to zero emission

Our Philosophy

A Better World

Making The Difference

Climate change is one of the most urgent matters in the world. Since the start of WhisperPower, the mission has been crystal clear; every plan, every initiative and every action that we execute has to contribute to a better world, resulting in a prosperous outlook for the next generation. WhisperPower’s core business – design, manufacturing and supply of grid-independent power systems – has been created to fulfil this goal.

We are convinced that the electrical technology we develop and apply contributes to a substantial reduction of emissions and less pollution of the environment. We do so by investing all of our growth and profit into power systems in which the diesel engine runs less and less. Our OctoPower range is a major step on the ‘Way to Zero’ – truly 100% emission-free energy systems – to be reached by 2030. 

Our goal is made possible by the development and deployment of sustainable energy storage systems and smart power electronics, combined with low to zero-emission power generators – currently diesel, and soon to be hydrogen fuel-cell based.