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DC Beltpower, 12 and 24 V

To enlarge the charge system on board of yachts and vessels or vehicles, we recommend to install our DC Beltpower together with our ACR 3-stage voltage regulator. The on-board battery will function as the power storage. A WhisperPower inverter can be installed to operate AC appliances. The DC Beltpower is including ACR charge regulator, connection cables and temperature sensor.

Compact alternator and inverter box

If space restrictions make it difficult to install a WhisperPower generator but 230 V / 50 Hz AC power is needed, then our AC BeltPower might be the solution. A 5 kVA (W-BD 5 AC Belt Power) version of this ‘engine driven’ generator are available. The system consists of a compact alternator and inverter box which convert the alternator power in to pure 230 V 50 Hz sine wave power. This can be used to operate small air conditioning units, tools, pumps etc. For practicality, why not also install the WPC inverter charger as an extension of the AC BeltPower system to charge the auxiliary battery and provide silent power after the engine has been switched off!


• Extremely compact solution
• Alternator and inverter connected via plug-and-play cable harness
• Pure sine wave power output with high peak power
• Sufficient output even at low rpm
• WPC PowerCentre can run in parallel with AC BeltPower to provide even more powerful output
• Seamless switching from WPC inverter to AC BeltPower and vice versa
• Mounting brackets available subject to engine type.


• AC BeltPower eliminates need for small auxiliary generator
• Extra engine not required – one engine for everything: propulsion and electricity
• Pure sine wave power to operate all AC equipment
• Can be combined with WPC Combi / battery
• charger inverter to increase power and enable silent power