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WP-ACR Charge Regulator 24 V

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Article Number
60115200WP-ACR Charge Regulator 24 VDC
Nominal operation voltage 24 VDC
Temperature sensor Yes, incl. 6m cable
Cable harness Yes, length 1.5m
Connection plug regulator/alternator WhisperPower Alternator
Alternator type WhisperPower, low voltage, brush type
Charge voltage - Absorption 28.50 VDC
Charge voltage - Float 26.50 VDC
Absorption Voltage range 27 - 31 VDC
Float Voltage range 26 - 27.8 VDC
Absorption time 0h - 4.5h
Temperature Compensation -60 mV / °C
Rev Counter input No/yes*
Operation Temperature -20 °C .. 80 °C
Settings/Read out
Voltage settings By trimmers on device
Time settings By trimmers on device
Status read-out LED’s
Dimensions [mm] [L x W x H] 117 x 120 x 26,67 mm
Dimensions [inch] [L x W x H] 4,60 x 4,72 x 1,05 mm
Weight [kg] 0.4 Kg
Packaging dimensions [L x W x H] 205 x 180 x 160 mm
Protection Degree IP65
Housing Material VL 94-VO
WP-ACR Charge Regulator
WP Alternator
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Datasheet WP-ARC Charge Regulator
(1.454 kB, pdf)
Datasheet WP-ACR
(1.327 kB, pdf)
Datasheet DC-BeltPower/ACR-Laderegler DE
(1.386 kB, pdf)


Manual WP-ACR
(4.643 kB, pdf)
WP-DC Beltpower Manual
(3.143 kB, pdf)


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