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Batteries are increasingly becoming the centre of independent power systems, whether it’s for vessels, vehicles or remote land based locations. Batteries are used in hybrid systems in cars and vessels, in combined fossil and renewable systems combining for example wind and solar power sources or for emergency backup systems. Batteries are the key to a better energy balance in any system, a key to lower operational costs and reduction of emissions.

In a WhisperPower system the battery has a central role: it is the energy tank, dictating when power sources (battery charging devices) should start to refill “the tank”. The selection of the right battery capacity and technology determines the functionality and durability of such systems. WhisperPower has built up our expertise in this field as a supplier of premium batteries over the past 20 years and would like to share its knowledge with our customers.

Lithium batteries

• High energy density
• Up to 50% space saving in comparison to GEL/AGM
• 30-40% weight saving
• Longest life span in number of cycles, approx. 5000
• Complete with Battery Management System (BMS) to maintain balance of cells
• Complete with WIB (Whisper Interface Box) and WhisperPower DC distribution systems

AGM batteries

• The most cost effective maintenance-free, sealed batteries
• Designed for extensive electrical systems (cyclic operation)
• Can also be used to start engines
• Ideal power source for pumps, winches and other temporary loads
• Available from 55 Ah to 260 Ah, 12 V (24 V or 48 V in series)
• Start + service

GEL batteries – semi traction

• Heavy duty, long life, deep cycle battery
• Designed for daily charge / discharge cycles
• Can also be used to start engines
• Ideal as AC/DC inverter supply
• Suitable for slow discharge / charge and for high surge in/out
• Available from 110 Ah – 225 Ah
• Start + service

GEL Batteries – 2 V cells, forklift / traction quality

• Designed to last for over 10 years
• Suitable for a large number of charge cycles (1200 to 3000 depending on discharge level)
• Ideal battery for large battery banks (600 to 2100 Ah)
• Best option for intensively used heavy duty inverter(s)
• Suitable for high charge current (50% of nominal capacity)
• 7 year warranty

Only quality batteries:

The specifications of all WhisperPower batteries are meticulously defined by us based on the requirements of our systems. The factories manufacturing our batteries have been carefully selected and meet the following very important criteria:

• Only the best is good enough
• We only work with premium manufacturing partners
• Manufacturing processes must be of highest class and absolutely non-polluting
• Our main manufacturing partner is a NASDAQ listed company employing more than 2000 personnel and is fully ISO 9001:2000 certified