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GEL Batteries

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Our GEL batteries are the most reliable and powerful batteries available on the market. You can choose between
two types: a 12 V battery, suitable for battery banks up to approximately 700 Ah (12 or 24 VDC) and individual 2 V cells, which are suitable for building into one solid battery bank 2000 Ah at 12, 24 or 48 VDC.

Recommended Use

• Charge according to three step process (IUoUo)
• Keep battery connected to the charger even when not in use
• Use the temperature sensor to monitor the temperature of the battery
• Use alternator only on ‘float voltage’
• Fit with ACR regulator as alternator will charge the battery faster and to 100%

The difference between GEL and AGM batteries

• In GEL batteries the electrolyte is absorbed by a sort of GEL rendering the battery stronger and more robust
• GEL provide better heat dispersion (conduction) than Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM)
• GEL batteries have a longer life span (greater charge-/discharge cycle)
• 12 V GEL batteries are the best option for frequently used electrical systems

The difference between 2 V GEL batteries and 12 V GEL batteries

• 2 V cells are designed for daily deep charge-/discharge cycles
• 2 V cells are used in various industrial applications such as material transportation
• 2 V cells can withstand high peak loads (from electrical motors for example) and high charge currents
• 2 V cells have tubular plates instead of flat plates resulting in very high power density • 2 V cells go up to 2000 Ah
• No voltage drops or unequal charging when connected in series / parallel
• The cells are delivered with industrial “pre-fab” cables