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DC PowerCube series

The DC PowerCube is designed for more extensive electrical systems with a large battery bank and significant DC-consumption. The DC PowerCube converts the delivered power (from the grid or generator) to DC for lighting, electronic equipment, pumps and other DC loads.

The DC PowerCube can deliver up to 4.3 kW (24 V or 48 VDC), enough to charge batteries quickly whilst still providing the various DC and AC loads with power for all equipment on board of even the biggest vehicles.

DC PowerCube 24 V – 150 A
DC PowerCube 48 V – 80 A

The DC PowerCube can even be used as a power supply, without batteries, as the smooth output voltage is incredibly uniform and ripple free.

Supreme Pro Battery chargers

Marine and Mobile objects are often equipped with a large number of electrical devices, operating on AC and DC. We supply a range of battery charger/rectifiers which comply with the highest industrial standards and have been designed specifically for 24 VDC devices. Our Supreme professional battery chargers combine three vital functions. Smooth, ripple-free multi-step battery charging, a power supply function to directly buffer DC appliances and a complete alarm and monitoring device for the entire 24 VDC system. All models are compatible with inputs ranging from 90 – 265 VAC / 50 – 60 Hz and are fitted with three separate outputs.
4 Supreme Pro Models

The Supreme Pro is available in 4 different 24 V models and has a small and robust design, suitable for extreme harsh circumstances, with a weight of only 6,5 kg.
WP-BC Supreme Pro 24 V – 40 A
WP-BC Supreme Pro 24 V – 60 A
WP-BC Supreme Pro 24 V – 80 A
WP-BC Supreme Pro 24 V – 100 A

Supreme Series Battery Chargers

The perfect Solution for charging multiple batteries

WhisperPower’s Supreme battery chargers are designed for fixed installation in small and medium size vehicles/boats. These are powerful battery chargers which can charge up to three separate batteries simultaneously. The Supreme battery charger is easy to program for GEL, AGM and open lead acid batteries. The Supreme battery charger can handle input voltages from 90 to 265 VAC (50 / 60 Hz) and can therefore be used worldwide.

Handy Battery Chargers

Plug and play battery chargers for small battery systems

Our Handy battery chargers are ideal for charging all kinds of small batteries. Whether it is for sealed batteries for watercraft or fishing boats or larger open lead acid starter batteries in extensive electrical systems, the fully automatic Handy quickly and completely charges, benefiting both the lifespan and reliability of the battery. The Handy chargers, which include a bracket for fixed mounting, are supplied with everything needed to connect the charger to the AC source and battery. There are four versions available for 12 V batteries: WBC Handy 20 (2 A), WBC Handy 70 (7 A), WBC Handy 150 (15 A) and WBC Handy 24 / 6 (24 V 6 A).