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AGM Battery 12 V - 90 Ah


40290030AGM Battery 12 V - 90 Ah
Nominale capaciteit (C20) 90 Ah
Nominale capaciteit (C10) C10
Nominale spanning 12 VDC
Type Deep cycle Absorbed Glass Mat battery with 10 years floating design life, specially designed for frequent cyclic discharge usage. By using strong grid and specific paste plate, gives the battery 30% more cyclic life. Applicable for marine, mobile and PV e
Gewicht (tolerantie 1.5%) 28.5 Kg
Afmetingen l x b x h [mm] (excl. polen) 307*169*235 mm
Type accupool M8 stainless steel
Aantal cellen 6
Constante laadspanning (IU, float) 13.60 to 13.80 VDC at 25˚C
Absorptiespanning (IUU, absorption) 14.25 to 14.60 VDC at 25˚C
Aanbevolen laadstroom (hoger mogelijk) 40 - 50% of nominal capacity
Temperatuurcompensatie -4mv/cell/°C
Afschakelspanning 1.75 VDC at (A) <= 0.2˚C
1.70 VDC at 0.2 C (A) <= 1.0˚C
100% ontlading (D.O.D.) 1.65 VDC at (A) >= 1.0˚C
20-uurs ontlading (C20) 96 Ah
10-uurs ontlading (C10) 90 Ah
5-uurs ontlading (C5) 73 Ah
Peukertcoëfficient 1.21<P<1.24
Tijdsduur in minuten bij 25 ampère ontlading 164 minutes
Zelfontlading Less than 3% per month at 25°C
Opslagtijd AGM-power batteries can be stored for maximum 6 months at 25°C. Charging recommended before using
Startstroom @ 25°C ( 5 sec) 900 A
Levensduur bij 80% D.O.D 400
Interne weerstand 5.2 mΩ
40290099 Battery pole suitable for the WhisperPower AGM and GEL batteries >_ 100Ah - complete with M8 bolt
40290310 Battery consumption meter: WBM-Basic
40290311 Battery consumption meter: WBM-Pro includes ‘Time remaining’ function
40290312 Battery consumption meter: WBM-Pro HV (High Voltage)