40290323 front1
40290323 front1

BMSS PRO Battery Monitor

The WP-BMSS Battery Monitor Smart Shunt completes your WhisperPower energy supply system by providing full details about the state of your battery or battery bank. All information is communicated via WhisperConnect, thereby integrating this product into a range of battery chargers, generator sets and inverters from WhisperPower, to be read out by the WPTouch system control panels (40280105, 40280101, 40280102, 40280103).

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  • Full WhisperConnect CAN bus functionality
  • Battery ‘fuel gauge’ for energy systems
  • Human interface via WhisperTouch panel or optional remote ROM
  • Connectivity by fully programmable alarm contacts
  • Compatible to all types of batteries, including Li-Ion
  • One product for 12V, 24V and 48V systems
  • DIN-rail or wall mountable
  • Best choice to complete your energy system

Product specifications

40290323 BMSS PRO Battery Monitor
Weight (Kg) <0.5
Dimensions (h × w × d) (mm) 75 × 90 × 50
Power supply voltage 6-60V DC
Current draw (standby) <9mA @ 12V
Operating temperature -20°C to + 60°C
Voltage measurement range 6-60V DC
Battery capacity 20-9999Ah
Shunt compatibility 50-1000A, 50-60mV
Voltage resolution +-0.001V
Current resolution +-0.1A
Amp hour resolution +-0.1Ah
Time remaining resolution 0-480 hours, +- 1 min
Temperature resolution +-1°C
Voltage measurement accuracy 0.3%
Current measurement accuracy 0.4%
Temperature accuracy +-2°C
State of charge accuracy +-1% of battery capacity
Local user interface Status LED, ROM
External communication WhisperConnect (CAN bus) -WP temp sensor - USB
Multipurpose contact 2 nc/no potential free contacts
Operation temperature -20°C to +40°C
Storage temperature -40..80 °C, Relative humidity in operation/ storage up to 95% non-condensing
Voltage 24V
Current 1A
Measurement shunt included 1200A, 50mV
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