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Advanced System Mobile

Advanced System Mobile

The Advanced System consists of the GENVERTER 7i, a variable speed generator that supplies 24 V to the onboard batteries and/or 230 VAC power via the WPC inverter/battery charger, Power System Control Panel with built-in battery monitor and GEL batteries. It can feed a complete DC and AC board system.

The total 230 VAC power rating is 7 kW, sufficient for electric cooking, air conditioning, a washing machine, dishwasher or other 230 V devices. ‘Silent power’ is supplied by a highly reliable and efficient sine wave inverter (3.5 kW) that can also serve as a booster in case of limited shore power availability. The three-stage battery charger supplies a charge current up to 90 A.

The system enables complete plug and play installation, with the application of variable speed permanent magnet technology providing considerable savings in fuel consumption.

Also available for 12 VDC and 48 VDC batteries.

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