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WhisperTouch panels 5 & 7"

Remote Control Paneele


Monitoring and Control - In a single glance!
Our WhisperTouch can be connected directly to the WPC Power Centre (BSI and RS232 interface required) and the WhisperPower generator (DDC functionality required), while no WPCI Interface needed. 



  • Start- and stop of the generator, generator status information, time-to-service etc.
  • Monitoring and control of the AC power system 
  • Shore power/ power sharing control by selecting the intensity of the charge current
  • Monitoring and control of the DC power system
  • Advanced battery monitoring of the service battery including ‘time remaining’
40280100Touchpanel screen full color 5”
40280105Touchpanel screen full color 5” Piccolo/Scalino
40280101Touchpanel screen full color 7”
Technische Spezifikationen
Eingangsspannung 10-30 VDC
Stromverbrauch 100mA to 240 mA
Abmessungen WhisperTouch 5" (LxB) 110 mm x 150 mm
Abmessungen WhisperTouch 7" (LxB) 139 mm x 207 mm
Abmessungen WhisperTouch 9.7" (LxB)
Einbautiefe WhisperTouch 5" 24 mm
Einbautiefe WhisperTouch 7" 25.5 mm
Einbautiefe WhisperTouch 9.7"
Gewicht WhisperTouch 5" 250 gr
Gewicht WhisperTouch 7" 300 gr
Gewicht WhisperTouch 9.7"
Betriebstemperatur -25°C..55°C
Installationsanweisungen For interior use
Umfang der Lieferung Touch panel, (optional for WPC: RS232 connection device, RJ-45 cable), installation manual
Kompatiblität Naviop, Yachtcontrol, Garmin, Trigentic EmpirBus


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