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WhisperTouch panels 5 & 7"



Monitoring and Control - In a single glance!
Our WhisperTouch can be connected directly to the WPC Power Centre (BSI and RS232 interface required) and the WhisperPower generator (DDC functionality required), while no WPCI Interface needed. 



  • Start- and stop of the generator, generator status information, time-to-service etc.
  • Monitoring and control of the AC power system 
  • Shore power/ power sharing control by selecting the intensity of the charge current
  • Monitoring and control of the DC power system
  • Advanced battery monitoring of the service battery including ‘time remaining’
40280100Touchpanel screen full color 5”
40280105Touchpanel screen full color 5” Piccolo/Scalino
40280101Touchpanel screen full color 7”
Technische Spezifikationen
Eingangsspannung 10-30 VDC
Stromverbrauch 100mA bis 240 mA
Abmessungen WhisperTouch 5" (LxB) 110 mm x 150 mm
Abmessungen WhisperTouch 7" (LxB) 139 mm x 207 mm
Einbautiefe WhisperTouch 5" 24 mm
Einbautiefe WhisperTouch 7" 25.5 mm
Gewicht WhisperTouch 5" 250 gr
Gewicht WhisperTouch 7" 300 gr
Betriebstemperatur -25°C..55°C
Installationsanweisungen Für die Innenraummontage
Umfang der Lieferung Touchpanel, (optional für WPC: RS232-Anschlussgerät, RJ-45-Kabel), Installationshandbuch
Kompatiblität Naviop, Yachtcontrol, Garmin, Trigentic EmpirBus


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