Demo house – off grid applications

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It is WhisperPower’s philosophy to create test-fields for all products and systems under development to ensure products that is perfectly suitable to operate in the relevant market place. The independent home project was started to test the non-marine products of WhisperPower. This house is completely off-grid, and that’s why called independent home. There is no connection with utility and there is no natural or propane gas needed for the heating and warm water provision.

An 14 kVA WhisperPower AC PowerCube Super Inverter provides the entire AC network, all 230 V devices can be used at the same time. WhisperPower 3-phase inverter of 10 kVA is connected to the NIBE geothermal system, used for (floor) heating, cooling at airco level and warm water. An 25 kWh Lithium battery bank is the long lasting durable storage for this system. 55 solar panels of 300 Wp each, and a WhisperPower back-up generator system of 8 kW are taking care of charging the batteries.

Our OctoPower systems provide electrical power at locations where electrical power is not available as standard. The heart of the OctoPower system is a durable power storage, made from Lithium battery technology, primarily charged by solar. Low voltage battery power is utilized by the WhisperPower AC PowerCube Super Inverters. These Super Inverter supplies 230-400 volt single and 3-phase to the power system.

The WhisperPower Battery Storage is recharged by one or more WhisperPower DC PowerCube Super Fast Chargers. Normally this Super Charger is connected to the main (or shore) power. But when main power is not available, back-up power is available from the silenced diesel generator with DC output. WhisperCare monitoring and control safeguards a fully controlled and perfectly managed power system.

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