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10 kVA generator

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10 kVA generator
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Silent, compact & light weight

Based on an indirect water-cooled diesel engine. Stowe away concept, fits into any space

Adjustable speed

10 kVA, 230 VAC, 1 ph, 50Hz (60 Hz) / 10 kVA, 120 VAC, 1 ph, 60 Hz (50 Hz)

Premium inverter technology

Highest output quality & strong peak power

Meet our 10 kVA generators

The WhisperPower 10 kVA generators stand out as the smallest, quietest, and most powerful within their category. With their electronic PMG inverter output, these 10 kVA generators deliver optimal power quality, making them suitable for various comfort appliances like washing machines, small air conditioners, electrical cooking hobs, and battery chargers.

Unique Genverter Technology

The Genverters, our 10 kVA generators, embody a unique fusion of diesel engines, integrated alternators, and inverter technology. This innovative design allows our 10 kVA generators to deliver exceptional power output quality while also possessing impressive surge power capability. By leveraging the PMG within a specific range of the diesel engines’ rotating speed, our generators ensure the provision of reliable power for a diverse range of electrical equipment, including tools, compressors, washing machines, air conditioners, electric cooking devices, and various other AC equipment.

Ready to install
Our 10 kVA generators include a comprehensive set of fittings essential for seamless connectivity. These fittings encompass everything from connecting the generators to the fuel tank, attaching hoses to link the engines with the cooling system, establishing connections between the starter engines and the starter batteries through cables, to wiring the 10 kVA generators with the onboard power system using appropriate wires.

10 kVA generator

Why inverter technology & DDC panel

To enhance efficiency and performance, electronic control is frequently employed for equipment like air conditioners and electric motors. However, traditional generators may struggle to operate these appliances seamlessly. That’s where our 10 kVA generators stand out. Designed with PMG modules (Power Module Genverter©), these models guarantee precise voltage and frequency regulation, staying perfectly within the optimal rotating speed range. This ensures uninterrupted operation of all connected devices. Additionally, the PMGs generate surge power for our 10 kVA generators, enabling them to handle increased inductive loads with ease.

Stage V Certified, low emission indirect water-cooled engine

Exclusively employing top-notch 2-cylinder engines, our 10 kVA generators exemplify durability, reliability, and quiet operation. These engines adhere to stringent standards such as EPA/Tier 4 (U.S. standards) and Stage V (European standards). To ensure optimal performance, the engines and PM alternator back-ends are seamlessly integrated into a single cooling circuit, maintaining a consistent temperature through the utilization of a heat exchanger.

Quiet & vibration free

Vibration can be just as bothersome as excessive noise from a diesel engine. However, our 10 kVA generators tackle both issues with a specially designed construction that prioritizes quietness and minimizes vibrations. This is achieved through a combination of customized shock mounts and sound enclosures, resulting in ultra-quiet operation with virtually no vibration. Moreover, for ease of maintenance, all the serviceable parts are conveniently positioned on one side of the Genverters. By effectively mounting the engines within the enclosures, we have achieved an impressive audible noise level of less than 52 dBA, ensuring a peaceful environment while the generators operate.

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Installation solutions

High class installation parts
The strength of a system relies on the strength of its weakest link. With this principle in mind, WhisperPower has meticulously developed all the necessary components and products to facilitate flawless installations of the 10 kVA generators. The utmost priority is to ensure seamless and efficient installation processes. To this end, comprehensive ranges of mounting accessories are provided in the form of kits. These kits include essential items such as metal strainers with hoses and valves, fuel filters, siphon breakers, water-cooled exhaust systems available in various options with high-quality certified rubber hoses, starter batteries accompanied by additional battery chargers, copper cables, and more.

Any space will do
Our compact 10 kVA generators are designed for easy installation in small spaces. They are water-water cooled, eliminating the need for extensive air ventilation.

Advanced power system, one-stop-shop

We offer all-in-one solutions for onboard electrical power systems. From control panels, chargers, batteries, and inverters, we provide everything you need for a seamless and optimized system integration.


10 kVA generator

Twin-Power, Cost effective and redundant

With our Twin-Power® solution, you can parallelly operate two WhisperPower Genverter 10 kVA generators using a single high-speed communication cable. Gone are the days of bulky switching devices and costly extensions. By installing two 10 kVA generators instead of a single traditional product and connecting the PMG inverter with AC output, you can effortlessly double the AC power output without the need for extra boxes or expensive add-ons.

Fuel saving
WhisperPower’s Twin-Power concept delivers substantial fuel savings, surpassing 25% when compared to conventional 1500/1800 rpm generators. This efficiency is achieved by aligning the unit with the actual AC power consumption pattern, optimizing operation in both low and high power modes. Unlike conventional power generator systems, which are typically oversized to accommodate short-duration consumption peaks, our Twin-Power solution allows for the parallel installation of two Genverter 10 kVA generators. During periods of low power consumption, one generator can be stopped, further optimizing fuel usage. Additionally, this power solution offers a crucial advantage of power redundancy, ensuring reliable performance.

Extremely Silent

The most silent generators in the market

The perfect voltage

Outstanding voltage stability and a pure sine wave output

Fuel saving

Superior efficiency combined with strong peak power capability

Compact & light weight

Fits in any space

TWIN power

Parallel use enabled by TWIN power technology

Modern technology

2-cylinder Permanent Magnet generators with external PMG box, remote panel & DDC