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WhisperPower Piccolo 15
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High class diesel generator

Stage V / EPA Tier 4 low-emission level

Adjustable speed or fixed speed

15 kVA, 230 VAC, 1 ph, 50 Hz / 15 kVA, 120 V, 60 Hz or 230 VAC, 1 ph, 50 Hz (60 Hz) / 400-230 VAC, 3 ph, 50 Hz (60 Hz)

Premium inverter technology (adjustable speed generator)

Highest output quality & strong peak power

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Meet our adjustable speed 15 kVA generators

The WhisperPower adjustable speed 15 kVA generators stand out as the smallest, quietest, and most powerful in their class. With their electronic PMG inverter output, these generators deliver optimal power quality, making them ideal for a wide range of comfort appliances. From washing machines and small air conditioners to electrical cooking hobs and battery chargers, the 15 kVA generators provide reliable power for all these essential devices.

Our 15 kVA generators feature durable and reliable 3-cylinder engines that meet EPA/Tier 4 and Stage V standards. The engine and PM alternator are connected in a single cooling circuit, regulated by a heat exchanger for optimal performance.

Unique Genverter technology
The adjustable speed 15 kVA generators, known as Genverters, combine a diesel engine with an integrated alternator and inverter. This innovative design allows our generators to deliver exceptional power output quality while also providing impressive surge power capability. By utilizing the PMG within a specific range of the diesel engine’s rotating speed, our generators ensure the provision of precise and reliable power for a wide range of electrical equipment. Whether it’s tools, compressors, washing machines, air conditioners, electric cooking devices, or various other AC equipment, our 15 kVA generators are equipped to meet their power demands effectively.

Ready to install
Our 15 kVA generators come with all the necessary fittings for easy installation, including fuel tank connections, cooling system hoses, starter engine cables, and power system wires.

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M SQ15 Front Open

Meet our fixed speed 15 kVA generators

Our fixed speed 15 kVA generators are engineered to operate continuously at 1500 rpm, even in harsh conditions. These 15 kVA generators are known for their robustness, quiet operation, compact size, and exceptional reliability. Each fixed speed 15 kVA generator undergoes rigorous testing, including a three-hour run time, at one of the most advanced generator production facilities in the world. Manufactured in the Netherlands, these generators are then distributed worldwide by our dedicated and service-oriented distribution partners.

Our 15 kVA generators exclusively feature top-of-the-line 4-cylinder engines, renowned for their exceptional durability, reliability, and quiet operation. These engines comply with stringent EPA/Tier 4 (U.S. standards) and Stage V (European standards), ensuring adherence to environmental regulations. The integration of the engine and PM alternator back-end into a single cooling circuit, regulated by a heat exchanger, maintains a constant temperature for optimal performance. With our 15 kVA generators, you can expect reliable and efficient power generation.

Optimal Sound reduction
Our fixed-speed 15 kVA generators are equipped with a sturdy sound-shield featuring a corrosion-resistant metal coating and heavy insulation material, ensuring optimal sound reduction. This robust soundproof design not only minimizes noise but also allows for easy access to all sides of the generator. Furthermore, all maintenance-related components are conveniently accessible from one side.

Alternatively, we also offer the option of open units with or without a sound-shield. Simply inquire about our open unit options to meet your specific requirements.

Extremely Silent

The most silent generator in the market

The perfect voltage

Outstanding voltage stability and a pure sine wave output

Fuel saving

Superior efficiency combined with strong peak power capability

Compact & light weight

Fits in any space

One stop-shop

All parts from one address


Stage V, EPA Tier 4, RMRS, RRR, CCS