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AC PowerCube 24V-7000W

Sinewave Inverters

60203004AC PowerCube 24V-7000W - 7kVA
General specifications
Output voltage (± 5%) 230V – 50Hz (± 0.01Hz)
Output waveform Pure sine wave
Nom. battery voltage 24V
P30 power at 40 °C, cos phi 1 7500W
Cont. power at 40 °C, cos phi 1 6000W
Peak load 20sec 15000W
AC connection internal
Efficiency 92 %
Display/read-out LED display
Min. battery capacity > 600Ah
Dimensions (h x w x d) 575 x 310 x 316 mm
Weight 28 kg
Approvals CE, ABYC compliant
Technical specifications
Technology HF switch mode , 6 times
Low battery voltage, switch off 19V ± 0.5V
Low battery voltage, switch on 22V ± 0.5V
High battery voltage, switch off 32V ± 0.5V
High battery voltage, switch on 30V ± 0.5V
Max. ripple on DC (battery) 5% RMS
Input current (nominal load) 375A
No-load power consumption (ON mode) >550mA – 12W
Min. DC fuse (slow blow) 2x 250A
Min. cable size 2x 7 mm²
Harmonic distortion typical < 5%
Cos phi all power factors allowed
Temperature range (ambient temp.) -25°C to 80°C, derating > 40°Ca -13 to 176°F
Protection degree IP23
Cooling natural/forced
Sound level 48dBA at 1 mtr
Protections over heating, over load, short circuit, high battery, low battery
DC battery cables Pre-installed, max 2 metres
Remote panel Analogue on- off / DC-AC information
Remote panel Digital Power System Control Panel
WhisperSwitch Transfer switch Shore-Generator / Inverter


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