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WP-Shore Connect

Shore Power Connections


Our new Shore Power Kits are a great the solution for boat builders who want to reduce installation time and at the same time enhance the quality of the electrical system. A WhisperPower Shore Power kit consists of 15 meters yellow shore power cable and storage bag, a compact 16 A stainless steel inlet with signal LED (power on/off), a connection cable to plug into an electrical box with earth-leak protector (GFI) and a double socket with cable connection to the electrical box. All connections are waterproof, the whole system complies with CE regulations. Amperage 16 A. Optional: plug-in battery chargers or combi’s


50214745WP-AC Basic Shore kit - 230V “only”
50214746WP-AC/DC Shore kit - 230V/12VDC + Handy 12VDC/15A charger
50214747WP-AC/DC Shore kit - 230V/12VDC + Supreme 12VDC/40A charger
50214748WP-AC/DC Shore kit - 230V/24VDC + Supreme 24VDC/30A charger
50214756WP-AC/DC/AC Shore kit + Supreme Combi 12/2000 - 55A
50214757WP-AC/DC/AC Shore kit + WP Combi 12/2000 - 80A
50214758WP-AC/DC/AC Shore kit + WP Combi 24/3000 - 60A


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