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WPC-RCC Control Panel

Remote Control Panels

The WPC-RCC control panel enables the user to supervise the system and to completely adapt it to the needs through the many parameter settings available on the WPC Combi and on the WPC SunTracks.


Thanks to its digital display, the WPC-RCC control panel provides clear and comprehensive indications on the state of the system in the chosen language. The device memorizes the events that occurred on an installation and therefore anticipates any future problems.

An SD card reader is available and allows parameters recording, as well as the uploading of various pre-settings and of all future updates.


Número del artículo
60201080WPC-RCC Control Panel
Especificaciones mecánicas
Dimensiones (Longitud x Ancho x Alto) 170 x 168 x 43.5 mm
Technical Specifications
Installation advice Supplied with 2 m cable (max. 50m)
Compatible Meant for panel mounting
Whisper Connect Tool Specificatie
Memory SD card reader