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Small Car System

Small Car System

Comfort system for your 4 x 4 vehicle

Sporty camping with your own 4 x 4 truck, always ready to leave the highway and go into the wilderness, with the assurance of being independent of everything and everyone. With just that little bit of comfort to pamper yourself, even without a “plug-in” connection. Our WhisperPower system provides the most primary facilities such as power for the refrigerator, cell phone, laptop and other 12 or 230 V consumers. With WhisperSolar panels on the roof that charge a lightweight Ion battery, a small sine wave inverter / battery charger of 1200 or 2000 watts for the 230 V consumers which also ensures that any available mains voltage is converted to 12 volts. Experience the power of independence!

Consumers 12V  24 V 230 V 
GPS Navigation    
Reading lights    
Service battery      
Starter battery    
Phone charger      
iPod charger    
Coffee machine    
Hair dryer    
Air conditioning    
Compressor / Tools    
Battery charger    

Explanation of symbols

Not applicable
 12V power supply
 24V power supply
 230V / 50Hz power or 120V / 60Hz supply from inverter or grid power
(or WhisperPower generator, if present)