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Off-Road Vehicle System

Off-Road Vehicle System

Life without boundaries

Off-roading is becoming more popular by the day. More and more people want to spend their free time in remote area’s and are prepared to live a life without boundaries. Today’s off-road trucks are extremely well equipped and carry all the luxury of home, including airconditioning, a complete kitchen with large size fridges and freezers, electric hobs for cooking and one or more bathrooms. This is the ideal situation to get a complete New School WhisperPower system on board. Non-stop power through the high power inverter of 7 kVA or even more, powerful Lithium Ion batteries for extended powerstorage, a couple of WhisperSolar modules to charge the batteries and a super silent variable speed power generator, our in- or outdoor Elite Genverter of 8, 10, 12, or even 15 kVA. All available for under-floor waterproof outdoor mounting, or indoor use. With full real time in-vehicle or remote monitoring of the entire system.

Consumers 12V  24 V 230 V 
GPS Navigation    
Reading lights    
Service battery    
Starter battery    
Phone charger      
iPod charger    
Coffee machine    
Microwave/Cooking hop    
Hair dryer    
Air conditioning    
Compressor / Tools    
Battery charger    
Combi inverter/charger    

Explanation of symbols

Not applicable
 12V power supply
 24V power supply
 230V / 50Hz power or 120V / 60Hz supply from inverter or grid power
(or WhisperPower generator, if present)