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WhisperPower BV perustettiin toukokuussa 2007,  after acquiring the assets of the former Mastervolt Generator Systems division, located in Drachten, the Netherlands. This former Mastervolt division was founded in 1998 with the aim of designing and manufacturing diesel engine based power systems. Hybrid Power Systems BV was founded in 2009 with the aim of developing and manufacturing combined hybrid and propulsion systems for superyachts and commercial craft.Principle shareholder of both companies is the management company of Mastervolt founder, Roel J ter Heide. Shanghai WhisperPower China was added to the group late 2011.

WhisperPower and HybridPower are now established brands with world wide distribution and service. In 2011, the distribution contract related to the world wide marine markets between WhisperPower and Mastervolt was terminated. Since then WhisperPower has distributed Whisper generators and a complete new range of products and systems directly to the world market.


WhisperPower has years of experience in the field of combined generator/electronic systems with extensive knowledge of markets and applications. Our core competences cover the whole spectrum, needed to develop ‘hybrid’ style power systems.



Most of the manufacturing process is carried out in-house in our 5500 m2 building, located in Drachten, Friesland, the Netherlands. The building is a showcase for the very latest thinking in terms of energy-friendly sustainability and includes facilities such as solar cells and climate control based on an eco-energy recovery system. We save as much energy as possible in all our daily operations, using thermal storage for residual heat or power. Tours of these groundbreaking new premises are available upon request.


Drachtenin alueen Hi-tec yhteistyö

Eight high-grade, innovative companies in and around Drachten (Neopost Technologies, BD Kiestra, Variass, Irmato, Norma-IMS, SMST, Philips CL Drachten and WhisperPower) are working together with the municipality of Smallingerland and the province of Fryslân to put the Drachten region on the map as an innovative, high-tech and knowledge-intensive area.

Their concrete objectives are recruiting highly qualified employees for companies in the region and exchanging knowledge. This public-private partnership has been active since 2011 and now has plans to expand and intensify the cooperation throughout the Northern-Netherlands.

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