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Top-cool radiator system


This integrated roof mounted system is holding two radiators for cooling the WhisperPower generator. One radiator for the diesel engine and the other radiator is used for the cooling of the AC alternator. The two expansion tanks are integrated in the system. The expansion tanks are always positioned at the right altitude: no room for installation mistakes any longer. The system is made from high quality aluminium and is weather protected thanks to the anti corrosion treatment.

Article Number
40230626TOP-COOL Radiator for the W-SC 6 and W-SQ 6
40230627TOP-COOL Radiator for the W-SC 10
40230628TOP-COOL Radiator for the W-SQ 8
40230629TOP-COOL Radiator for the W-SQ 12
40230630TOP-COOL Radiator for the W-SQ 16
40230631TOP-COOL Radiator for the W-SQ 12 3ph and W-SQ 16 3ph
40230632TOP-COOL Radiator for the W-SQ 20 and W-SQ 27
40230670TOP-COOL Single Radiator for the W-GV 2- and 3-cylinder
Tekninen erittely
Jännite 230 VAC
Taajuus 50 / 60 Hz
Kotelon materiaali Aluminium, powder coated
Väri White (RAL9003)
Mitat ja paino
Pituus 1420 mm
Leveys 584 mm
Korkeus 256 mm
Kokonaispaino 42-52 kg / depending on type