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Boxcooler kits


When using a marine sea water cooling system, seawater is pumped by an impeller pump through a heat exchanger and dumped overboard via the exhaust. The heat exchanger unit is normally mounted on the engine. When the cooler is part of the construction of the ship, we talk about “keel cooling”. This cooler can be a section of the keel or a ballast water tank. Sometimes one uses pipes welded along the bottom, or a special designed cooler to be mounted in the bottom. A specially designed cooler that is often used in the hull of steel ships is called a “box- cooler” and is available as a WhisperPower installation kit. Coolers to be mounted in the hull of wooden boats and boats made of fibreglass are available on the market but rarely used. WhisperPower does not supply these coolers. This manual refers to the box-cooler units, which are supplied by WhisperPower. Similar instructions are valid for other types of keel cooling.

Article Number
40201303Box cooler kit for M-SC 6 and the M-SQ 6 / 7
40201873Box cooler kit for M-SQ 8 / 9.5 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 15
40201874Box cooler kit for M-SQ 16 / 20 - 60 Hz
40201894Box cooler kit for M-SQ 27 / 30 and M-SQ 20 - 50 Hz
Boxcooler kits
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