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Genverter diesel generator 50-350 kW

  • Variable Speed Permanent Magnet Technology
  • All-watercooled, one-circuit indirect cooling concept
  • Operating rpm 1000 - 3000 rpm, selectable or variable
  • Extremely compact - 50kW = h x w x d 868 x 830 x 1062 in mm, 400 kg
  • Parallelable, without limitation
  • Power take-off optional
  • Delivered under class
  • Power electronics AC/ DC - DC / AC needed in order to provide 3-phase/ 50Hz hotel load

Full specifications of the Hygen Genverter variable speed diesel generator range can be found here.

Shaft Generator

  • PM permanent magnet high efficient shaft alternator
  • Can be put in drive train between engine and propellor
  • Suitable to integrate between engine and gearbox (extended flywheel)
  • Power rating 50kW/ 65kW / 100kW
  • Ideal to power up hotel load during sailing via battery

Lithium cells

  • One - bank Lithium stacks
  • From 48VDC – 512VDC
  • Any kWh capacity available
  • Customized ship-integrated enclosure
  • Complete with BMS / cell balancing

Various power electronics

  • Hybrid systems require high class power electronics
  • DC to AC and AC to DC power conversion
  • Watercooled, industrial & programmable electronics
  • Any power rating available (customization needed)

Charging the batteries

Power electronics connected to the Genverter generators and/or shore power, to charge the Li ION battery banks.

Shaft & Propellor

Propellor (pitch controlled)and shaft, operated by the electricalPM motor and gearbox.

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