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24/7 Hotline for Service & Support

Our technical service department is available in case of technical topics requiring technical assistance. Contact us from anywhere in the world via the international WhisperPower Service & Support Hotline:
+31 512 571 555 or

We will help you  with appropriate support in a direct way or via a our local representative.

You will find the nearest WhisperPower dealer, installer or service partner through our online Dealer Locator.

Global sales & distribution network

The growing network of WhisperPower dealers and distributors covers the world. Our international brand is locally represented by companies including bodywork manufacturers, shipyards, electrical and mechanical contractors and sector specific companies. Their trained specialists and professionals are available for servicing mobile, maritime or domestic applications.

You will find the nearest WhisperPower dealer, installer or service partner through our online Dealer Locator

Delivered anywhere at any time

WhisperPower’s service and support goes way beyond production and sales. We remain responsible for our products, systems and accessories, providing support and service before, during and after your purchase. This ranges from system recommendations and installation to first class service for maintenance and repairs.

Accurate installation and system set-up

Whenever possible, WhisperPower’s technical team will take care of the commissioning of your generator system as soon as it is delivered. In several countries - including those in the Benelux region - this service is included in our product offer. This ensures that your system is installed in accordance with the right guidelines and conditions. Contact us for more information about the terms and conditions.

Our starting point: On-site service

The representatives in our network will provide you with service and technical support in case of repairs or malfunctions. Where possible they will help you on site, wherever you may be in the world.

Bespoke system advice

Our engineers and advisors have a wealth of experience in the development and realisation of electrical power systems and are always available to help you plan yours whether it’s installing a genset, genverter or more complex system. Our designers will ensure the ideal set-up and a system with optimal efficiency, even when combining your generator system with fuel cells, solar or wind generator power.

Periodical training: Up-to-date expertise

Expertise is the foundation for the best service. Every WhisperPower representative has up-to-date knowledge and the benefit of our global experience. Via periodical training courses we ensure our specialists have the latest information on installations and applications as well as our product range. As a result you are guaranteed that WhisperPower offers more than product and packaging. We offer you our expertise as standard.

Minimal downtime during repairs

If necessary, WhisperPower will carry out repairs or maintenance of our products at another location, in a regional workshop or at our head office. In most cases you will be provided with a replacement solution to ensure that your system downtime is kept to a minimum.

Up-to-date product specifications

Detailed specifications of WhisperPower products are available on our website and in brochures and manuals. As we are continuously improving our products, specifications are subject to change without notice.

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