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WhisperPower launches complete plug & play energy system

Following the successful launch of the All-In-One PowerStation in the challenging and renowned exacting marine market sector, WhisperPower is now introducing this hybrid energy system to additional markets which use network-independent energy systems. With the All-in-One PowerStation, WhisperPower meets the growing demand for complete integrated solutions: super-quiet generator systems with inverter, battery, battery charger and power distribution all combined in one "box".

The All-in-One PowerStation consists of a compact and quiet hybrid speed adjustable diesel generator, equipped with a high-efficiency permanent magnet alternator. The diesel generator works together with the sine wave inverter, the battery charger or the combined charger / inverter connected to the batteries. Vital components such as DC switches, fuses and voltage guards are integrated in to the system. All-in-One PowerStations are available from 2 to 32 kW and can be plugged into any mains power connection worldwide (90-260VAC, 50 or 60Hz). An elegant touch screen panel completes the system. The system comes complete with cooling and exhaust.

The PowerStation is suitable for installation across a number of applications including inside vans, trucks, lorry trailers, demonstration vehicles, horse trucks, campers and containers. It is also possible to install the unit on the exterior, under the bodywork. The units can be supplied with solar panels plus charge regulators and without the built-in diesel generator.

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