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Strategic collaboration between Webasto and WhisperPower

Webasto and WhisperPower are pleased to announce they have entered into a Global Distribution Partnership Agreement, which was driven by the desire of Webasto Thermo & Comfort to add electrical power products and systems to their product offering and the ambition of WhisperPower to rapidly expand their global distribution.

As a result, WhisperPower products will become available via the Webasto network in a large number of countries, including Italy, Spain, Great Britain, Portugal, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark and Norway. Distributors, wholesalers, dealers and installers will be able to bundle key products which are essential to provide comfort on board of yachts, commercial craft and vehicles and can obtain these from a single source in their territory.

“Webasto is very pleased to have entered into a Global Distribution Agreement with WhisperPower and in doing so we are proud to be able to represent, alongside our own products, complementary products offering a high level of innovation and customer benefit.”, says Fabian Bez, globally responsible for the business unit Thermo & Comfort at Webasto. “The product synergy is perfect giving us the ability to provide the electrical power needed to operate many of our own products. In return, we offer WhisperPower unrivalled access to a fully functioning skilled network with additional business opportunities. We are looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial collaboration with WhisperPower and to bringing this benefit to the customers of both companies”.

Roel ter Heide, founder and CEO of WhisperPower, calls the deal a big step forward for his still young company. "This Global Distribution Frame Agreement with Webasto Thermo & Comfort is an important step forward for WhisperPower. It will provide us with access to a vast team of active sales specialists who are experts at selling technical solutions to their customers. Moreover, both companies are active in the same market sectors so the synergy is obvious. In England we have been able to acquire a large market share in the mobile market in a short space of time thanks to the cooperation with Webasto Thermo & Comfort UK. Now we are busy doing the same thing in the maritime sector. In the countries where Webasto will represent Whisper Power, we are also taking care of reinforcing the service and support network. As a result, we are considerably strengthening our worldwide service network.”

The strategic collaboration with WhisperPower as an electrical power specialist, is in line with Webasto's aim to become a key player in the e-mobility market. To achieve this, Webasto expanded into the direction of e-mobility products and solutions in three specific areas: Heating solutions for all kind of drive types to enhance battery performance and cabin heating, the engineering and assembly of high quality design-to-cost battery systems and furthermore Charging solutions and Services to fulfil the needs of private and semi-public customers. By entering this agreement with WhisperPower, Webasto is also adding, in one go, a complete range of products and systems that generate power in those places where there is no fixed or reliable network connection available.

About Webasto: 
The Webasto Group is a global innovative systems partner to almost all automobile manufacturers and among the top 100 suppliers in this industry sector. In its core business areas the company develops and produces sunroofs, panorama roofs and convertible roofs as well as thermo systems for all drive types. In addition, with battery systems and charging solutions Webasto is building up a product portfolio for electromobility. In 2016 the Webasto Group generated sales of 3.2 billion euros and has more than 12,000 employees at more than 50 locations (with over 30 of these being manufacturing plants). The headquarters of the company, founded in 1901, is located in Stockdorf near Munich (Germany).
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About WhisperPower:
WhisperPower, a Dutch company with sales offices in Spain, Germany, China and the Pacific, is an international leader in the development, production and maintenance of modern (hybrid) energy systems. WhisperPower systems are used worldwide in places that are (temporarily) without normal electrical power, onboard yachts, commercial vessels, many types of vehicles and in remote locations. As energy use increases, so is the demand for smart, energy saving solutions. An intelligent combination of mechanics and electronics enables WhisperPower to offer the most sustainable, efficient and compact power systems.
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