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Inverters & Combi's

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Sinewave inverters and combi’s

Having introduced our systems in the first part of this catalogue followed by the various generators in the second, we will now take a closer look at the products and components that you can choose from to tailor make your own system. Power electronics is the key to creating a quiet, intelligent, energy efficient and environmentally friendly energy system.

Sinewave inverters

WhisperPower’s sinewave inverters convert 12 or 24 V battery voltage into exactly the same mains voltage you receive at home. Low power appliances such as vacuum cleaners, computers, phone and tablet chargers do not require a diesel or gasoline generator but can instead be operated by an inverter. With an inverter, any AC Power appliance can be used at any time, without the need of a running generator. WhisperPower inverters are often used in combination with an AC or DC BeltPower alternator, connected to the main engine.

Sinewave inverter/chargers

When inverters are combined with a battery charger and transfer relay all in one box, we use the term sinewave inverter/chargers (Combi’s). WhisperPower’s Combi’s are compact, space saving, robust and extremely powerful. Three versions are available: our Supreme combi (light weight, switch mode technology), our WP Combi (with highly efficient toroidal transformers for high peak loads) and WPC ‘system combi’ with multiple in / outputs.

Why a WhisperPower inverter is a ‘must’ in any power system

Not so long ago, diesel or gasoline generators were the only option when it came to having 230 V / 50 Hz available whilst out on the road without access to grid power. Thanks to the advent of sinewave inverters and sinewave inverter/chargers, generators have become much more efficient.

• Inverters are used to deliver alternating current during periods of low power consumption
• Generators are used during peak hours
• That can yield fuel savings of 30%
• Drastic reduction in audible noise level (inside and outside the vehicle/boat) by setting ‘quiet periods’ in which the generator is not running
• Fewer operating hours = less maintenance
• Inverters with integrated battery charger (combi’s) or DC PowerCube 24 V / 150 A or DC PowerCube 48 V / 80 A also recharge the battery