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Sinewave inverters

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Sinewave inverters up to 3 kVA

WP Sine inverters provide owners of vehicles with a whole host of possibilities to use all kinds of AC power appliances: Computers, tools, coffee makers, microwave ovens, TVs, just name it! WhisperPower sine wave inverters are perfectly silent ‘generators’ which supply AC Power from the battery. These modern inverters, from the WP-Sine series, are compact, light, robust and with high efficiency. They are easy to self-install and do not require maintenance. They are an ideal addition to existing installations which already include a battery charger.

Sinewave inverter Specifications

• Choice of 500 W, 600 W, 1000 W, 2000 W and 3000 W models
• Can be connected to the 12 V (24 V) battery
• Plug-and-play: AC socket and DC connectors
• Negligible loss during conversion from battery to alternating current
• USB connector on front to charge telephone etc (separate charger not necessary)
• 200% peak power
• Remote operation possible, status LEDs on front (DC and AC info)

Benefits of Sinewave inverters

• Pure sine wave power output, stable frequency
• Also suitable for sensitive devices Remarkably compact and lightweight Simple to install
• Robust, protected against overheating, over-use, short circuit
• Outstanding price-performance ratio & silent

AC PowerCube

The AC PowerCube is a professional inverter suitable for continuous operation even under extreme conditions. There are three models: a AC PowerCube 4 kVA model, a AC PowerCube 7 kVA consisting of two 3.5kW power modules (built into one enclosure) connected in parallel and providing each other with backup. The AC PowerCube 14 kVA model is made up of four 3.5kW modules which are redundantly switched. The AC PowerCubes make it possible to switch off the diesel generator for longer periods time and provide the entire onboard installation with power including, for example, air conditioning, kitchen and refrigeration equipment. As a result, there is less fuel consumption, less noise disruption and less running hours for the generator.

AC PowerCube Features

• Industrial electronics based on high frequency switched mode technology
• As a result, high efficiency (>92%) and a minimum of powerloss
• No ripple effect from AC to battery, with as a result, a stable DC network
• No buzz or humming, super quiet
• Fan cooled, resistant to high ambient temperatures
• Double DC connectors 2 x plus, 2 x minus, can be connected to two battery banks
• Perfect for insertion in a complete WhisperPower system

Benefits of the AC PowerCube

• Uncompromised design: purely as inverter
• Direct power supply, no interruptions battery as buffer
• Great high efficiency = minimal cooling required (cool running)
• Perfect to combine with DC PowerCube and Genverter©
• Significant cost savings from reduced fuel consumption
• Quiet and environmentally friendly
• Simple to integrate in WhisperPower hybrid energy system