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Sinewave inverters/chargers

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Sinewave inverter/chargers: Supreme Combi

Due to its efficient and compact design, the Supreme Combi Sinewave inverter/charger is suitable for installation in tight spaces. This device provides all the required comfort expected on board of a vehicle or boat. All AC devices can be connected and work without issue such as a computer, coffee machine, kettle, cooking appliances, flat screens, etc. The multi-stage battery charger can handle any AC generator as well as the land connection.

Combi sinewave inverter/chargers

We offer three different technologies: for semi professional use we supply our Supreme Combi models, a bi-directional sinewave inverter which will charge the battery when AC power is available and will switch to inverter mode when AC power is disconnected. Power rating up to 2 kW, switched mode technology applied. For professional use we offer our transformer based WP Combi’s (2-3 kVA power, also usable for inverter-only use) and the full function WhisperPower Centres (up to 27 kVA) which can be used in parallel with other WhisperPower Centres and WhisperPower generators.

Features / benefits of sinewave inverter/chargers

• Convert 12 V battery power to alternating current
• Sinewave output power is ideal for demanding electrical motors, sensitive electronics and rechargeable devices
• Multi-stage charger ensures batteries are charged safely and efficiently
• Suitable for small microwaves, computers, televisions, power tools and more
• Detachable control display, grid power control button
• Ideal for self installation

System Combi’s WPC series

Our WhisperPower Centre (WPC) is the ultimate inverter/charger for multifunctional energy systems. It is one of the most efficient and powerful inverters available on the market (94% yield, peak capacity 300%). The WPC can be paired to any WhisperPower SQ, SC or Genverter© AC generator using the generator input. The AC outputs can then be connected in parallel allowing the generator power or mains connection to be supplemented with the power from the inverter.

Sinewave inverter/charger key functions

• Combined high class sinewave inverter/chargers
• AC Genset and grid power input, high/low power AC output
• Seamless integration with WhisperPower AC gensets
• Automatic seamless transfer to the active AC consumers in the output
• Parallel (stacking) to increase AC output power up to 9 units
• Paralleling to obtain three phase power (3 x 380 V 50 Hz)
• PowerSupport modus, parallel-to-grid to reinforce weak grid power