40201325 front
40201325 front

Dry Exhaust Kit (1″-2″)

A well designed and installed exhaust system is required to make the WhisperPower system as quiet as possible. We offer two different exhaust systems: a Combi absorption/resonance muffler of stainless steel, which is a compact and space saving solution for all 1 and 2 cylinder based systems. For optimum noise reduction and the multi cylinder systems, two silencers are needed: an absorption and resonance muffler.

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Specifiche del prodotto

40201326 Dry exhaust kit 1” Combi style muffler for Scalino models W-GV 8 / 10
40201325 Dry exhaust kit 1'' for W-GV 4, Scalino, W-GV 8 and W-GV 10
40201875 Dry exhaust kit 1½ for W-SQ Pro 15,18 and W-GV 12 / 15
40201889 Dry exhaust kit 2'', for W-SQ 20, 25, 27 and 32