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GEL Battery 2 V - 1000 Ah


기사 번호
402900412 V - 1000 Ah
정격용량(C10) 1000 Ah (1.8 V cell, 20 °C)
정격전압 2 VDC
타입 WhisperPower OPzV Valve Regulated batteries are extremely suitable for applications with extended charge / discharge cycles. They are fully maintenance free. WhisperPower GEL power batteries are based on tubular plate technology and the fixing of the elec
무게(오차율1.5%) 68 Kg
크기(L*W*H) [mm] 191*210*668 mm
터미널 타입 M 8 / 4
셀 갯수 8
충전/방전 회로
급속충전 전압(V/cell) 2.35 VDC at 20°C
부동충전 전압(V/cell) 2.25 VDC at 20°C
초기 충전 전류 320 A
온도 -4mv/cell/°C
Recommended End of Discharge voltage for 10-hr rate (V/cell) 1.80 VDC/cell
Recommended End of Discharge voltage for 1-hr rate (V/cell) 1.65 VDC/cell
Rated Capacity @ 20°C
Rate to 1.80 VDC per cell
10 hrs discharge 1000 Ah
5 hrs discharge 865 Ah
1 hrs discharge 489 Ah
Peukert Coefficient 1.21<P<1.23
Time reserve minutes 25 amps discharge 32 hrs
Self discharge Less than 2% per month @ 20°C
Storage time OPzV-power batteries can be stored for maximum 6 months at 20°C. Charging recommended before using
Short circuit current of the battery cell (A) 7170 A
Cycle life at 80% of D.O.D 1250
Internal resistance Approx. 0.29 mΩ