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Mobile Land

Whenever the need for electrical energy exceeds the standard scope of a vehicle, WhisperPower is there to fill the gap. We offer auxiliary power solutions ideally suited to recreational and professional users alike, with a wide choice of products and systems. These can range from a simple system based on an extra battery, smart battery charger or inverter, right up to a powerful set-up for professionals in the field.

There are many options for recharging the battery storage when needed, with just one being the use of a low-emission, quiet-running WhisperPower back-up generator. These have safety, reliability, high-class performance and maximum emission-reduction at the forefront to ensure you are always powered in the right way. The (optional) advanced WhisperCare networking package enables the user to remotely monitor the power system from anywhere in the world.

WhisperPower has the perfect solution to add auxiliary power to anything that has tyres; from heavy-duty professional applications needing a lot of amperage, to elegant solutions for increased comfort in motorhomes. WhisperPower has the most varied and comprehensive range of products and systems with a power range from 100 Watts to over 50 kW. We provide zero-emission solutions based on long-life (lithium) batteries, hybrid solutions with back-up generators or fully silenced low-emission diesel generator systems. In addition, where possible, we offer the perfect integration of roof-mounted solar power.

Commercial Power - From 100 Watt - 40 kW (Stage V)

Specialist vehicles are usually equipped with an array of electrical appliances. These could include power tools, measuring equipment, computers, broadcast transmitters, kitchens, air conditioning, refrigeration – there are no limits. WhisperPower’s role is to fit the right power equipment to these vehicles. Our solutions are compact, lightweight, super-silent, preferably without exhaust fumes, and with the peace of mind that there will always be enough electrical power to keep everything working properly.

The WhisperPower range of products and systems starts right at the component level when it comes to batteries, power distribution hubs, inverters and chargers. From there, these can all be combined into the OctoPower range, a unique module containing a pre-assembled power system from 3 kVA to 16 kVA capacity. Last but not least, WhisperPower offers a selection of over 60 models of compact, sound-insulated diesel generators supplied complete with full installation kits.

Recreational Power

Travelling independently and with total self-sufficiency is the ultimate wish of the owner of a campervan, motorhome or expedition vehicle. You can escape the crowds and completely immerse yourself in nature yet still have enough energy for all your creature comforts. WhisperPower takes care of that important part – with the right solution for each vehicle and each environment. Our widely known ‘coffee-making from the battery’ system is a powerful inverter that can even be used to cook an entire meal electrically.

For higher energy demands we can provide one of the many OctoPower system solutions – a labour-saving plug-and-play concept that runs off batteries, or from a silenced diesel generator, or from a combination of both.

The advantages of our mobile systems:

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The addition of WhisperCare is an incredibly handy tool for remotely monitoring the entire energy system via a mobile phone, tablet or computer. This is ideal for private individuals, yet especially useful for the professional user. Fleet power management, for example, has never been so easy.