Horse- & sports trucks


Vehicles used for professional or recreational sports competitions generally have electrical systems that must be able to supply 12/24/230/380 V devices independent of the mains. These systems should be virtually silent, with minimal emissions, and preferably as smart as possible, with remote monitoring and control over the various system functions. WhisperCare, together with the clear Touch control panels, have been developed by WhisperPower to make things as easy as possible for users.

Our OctoPower 6+ is designed for this exact market, offering a perfect combination of zero-emission inverter power (0-6 kW), a 10,15 or 20 kWh Lithium battery pack and (optionally) a 6 kW Stage V diesel generator. This system operates from 100 VAC utility power, so voltage variations are eliminated. The system comes with stainless steel enclosures for underfloor mounting and is also weatherproof. Alternatively, this system is available in parts for a modular set-up.

There is a wide choice of OctoPower systems, from 3 kW to 14 kW output power with smart integration of the vehicle’s engine, solar roof and land power. The zero-emission OctoPower 6, for example, is an all-in-one system with underfloor mounting to allow you to enjoy life on the road without compromise.

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