Specialty Vehicles, Traffic and Welfare

Fire Trucks

There are many mobile applications that require a modification of an existing vehicle system in order to independently supply power to electric consumers. Service vans, rescue vehicles, fire trucks, mobile offices, defence and law enforcement vehicles - you name it, WhisperPower's one-stop shop really does offer all the components needed to put together a complete power system.

230 VAC (117 V) inverters that run off a second battery (charged by the main engine) powering standard appliances such as computers, light towers, light walls etc. are complemented by a smart AC or DC alternator system, a Genverter DC back-up generator, and/or solar panels. All can be easily monitored and controlled from the optional WhisperCare telematics system.

Specialty Vehicles for Commercial Use

OctoPower 7+ & 14+ or our 3 phase 16 kW versions can replace classic diesel generators. With non-stop power, without the need for running engines, they integrate with the truck’s engine and combine with a solar roof or WhisperPower Stage V low-emission back up generator. These come with full remote monitoring, control and location track-and-trace.

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