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Off-grid power solutions


There are more places in the world without a public grid connection than those with one. If electricity is needed, a proper solution for generating power will be the first priority. WhisperPower is a great option to consider. From small appliances, instruments or lighting with low power consumption up to complete units, houses or buildings with extended heating or air conditioning, WhisperPower has the right solution. From just a few hundred Watts up to 40 kiloWatts or more, there is a WhisperPower OctoPower system available that will be a perfect fit. Whether you require single phase, three phase, 12, 24 or 48 VDC – all are available and engineered to the highest standards.

All OctoPower system variations consist of solid, long-lasting energy storage (Lithium in most cases nowadays) and one or more DC to AC sine wave inverters. Also included are smart charging devices to replenish the battery bank from either WhisperSolar, temporary grid or a low-emission WhisperPower generator, whilst the advanced WhisperCare telematics take care of remote access to the system. The WhisperPower systems are a perfect grid-substitute or back-up power solution.