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Building Constructions

WhisperPower's mission to provide silent, green energy systems with the lowest carbon footprint is increasingly being recognized by the building and construction industry. Traditionally, diesel engines are used to generate electrical power, operate construction machinery and move materials over the building site. However, building contractors are facing the challenge of adapting the way they work by employing a greater number of electrically-powered tools, including diggers and other construction machinery.

The OctoPower range is helping them to make their work ‘greener’ in terms of reduced exhaust emissions and noise pollution. Batteries are recharged by the battery/solar systems, with the Genverter Stage V back-up generator starting automatically when the battery level gets too low. WhisperPower’s product range provides power ratings of up to 50 kW via inverter power, battery packs up to 200 kWh or more, and heavy-duty fast chargers optimised for the best efficiency. In addition, there is the peace of mind from using WhisperCare to remotely monitor a number of sites simultaneously.