For a solar/battery/inverter system with back-up option, a smart public grid substitute can be configured by utilizing WhisperSolar roof panels, Suntrack MPP voltage regulators, lithium or lead-acid batteries and a choice of one of the WhisperPower inverters. There is a power rating of up to 32 Amps/230 V (7 kW) with the choice of an optional back-up power generator.

A Hybrid System to Replace the Public Grid

For permanent living we offer our all-in-one OctoPower system of 32 Amps/230 V 50 Hz/7 kW or 64 Amps/230 V 50 Hz/14 kW, with a low-emission diesel Genverter diesel generator to charge the battery in case the solar power is not strong enough. This comes with an extensive Cloud-based WhisperCare telematics monitoring and control device.

Ecological Solutions for Domestic Use

Utility grid-independent power to operate all domestic appliances makes the OctoPower 14+ an ideal choice. With Lithium batteries charged by the solar roof, and single/three phase Super Inverters powering the AC appliances. Heating and cooling is taken care of by the OctoPower-operated geothermal heat pump. No natural gas or other fossil fuels required.