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Battery Monitoring

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Smart Battery monitoring

When putting together a DC installation for the marine or mobile market, there is more to take in to consideration than just the correct choice of battery and associated charging systems. All sorts of other items can have something to do with the battery or are connected to it and can significantly impact the end result.

Battery usage indicator – knowledge is power

The WhisperPower Battery Monitor (WBM) is a universal battery monitor that displays the status of the battery with very high precision. The WBM provides a look ‘inside’ the battery and is essential for preserving long battery life. Via the display, the following information is brought up:

• The main battery voltage (V)
• The power consumption indicated in am- pere-hours (Ah)
• Power consumption in amperes (A) Charge current of battery charger, combi, solar panels, windmills, etc. (A)
• Battery capacity in %
• Remaining battery capacity and “time remaining” in minutes and hours (Pro Series)

Battery Monitor versions

The Battery Monitor Basic version is identical to the Battery Monitor PRO version, only without the “time remaining” indicator in hours and minutes. The PRO-HV is suitable for DC systems up to 70 VDC.

Automatic start function

The WhisperPower Battery Monitor can also be used as a means of automatically starting a DC or AC generator, based on the battery voltage or battery condition. This is achieved via RS 232 communication (order RS 232 option). Please note that your generator must be suitable for this function. WhisperPower generators are standard equipped with an automatic start/stop adjustment kit.

remote communication

The WBM, fitted with the RS 232 option, can be used to remotely monitor power systems using a GSM or an internet connection.

WBM Communication kit RS 232
WPC – RS 232 Data Logger Module