Autonomous workboat developed for coastal, harbour and river surveys


The autonomous workboat
Our dealer Shipinstall from Heusden, The Netherlands, has recently completed the construction of an autonomous work-research boat. The construction was in cooperation with Aquatic Drones, which is also based in Heusden in the Netherlands.

This autonomous workboat is controlled via remote control (computer). Via satellites and coordinates, the autonomous workboat knows where it is and where it needs to go. Because of the many sensors mounted, the entire bottom where the autonomous workboat travels can be mapped.

The electrical system
The entire power system is also independently controlled, with the power system being supplied by a heavy-duty inverter and battery charger combination with a lithium battery bank connected to it. The double electric drive is also powered by the lithium battery bank.

Onboard there is a WhisperPower Piccolo 10 (8.0 kW – 230 V – 50 Hz) 3 cylinder Kubota diesel generator with a permanent magnet alternator.

When the lithium battery bank is running low in power, the Piccolo 10 generator starts up automatically and provides enough power to power the electric drives while moving and also to charge the lithium battery bank at the same time.

Piccolo 10 Installation1
(The Piccolo 10 system)

Extra information
Want to everything about the Piccolo 10 Generator of WhisperPower? Or maybe about the Aquatic Drone workboat?

You can find all information about the Piccolo 10 Generator here.

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Do you also have needs or questions about hybrid power systems that can operate autonomously for longer?

Feel free to ask the WhisperPower experts.