Clean power for the Movie and Television World

Movie Industry

The mobile and power generation markets have one important thing in common. The trend is clearly going into fossil free electrical and hybrid solutions. The film industry is in urgent need of solutions that replace classic diesel power generators. In order to reconcile the requirements of the film industry with the legal requirements regarding noise and exhaust emissions, the Berlin Lichthaus- together with MTD Medientechnik and WhisperPower GmbH, has developed a Stage V Hybrid System, especially for the film industry. This combines a battery system with an extremely clean and silent W-SQ 40 diesel generator as a back-up.

Movie Bus
“With a load of up to 21 kW, it is possible to work completely emission-free for a certain period of time purely from the battery bank” explains Lichthaus managing director Mike Zimmermann. “If more power is needed, the generator switches on”.
Movie Bus1

The W-SQ 40, 35 kW diesel generator complies with EU Stage V emission requirements and runs quietly at less than 55 dB(A). The Stage V Hybrid System is installed in a Mercedes Sprinter. Cord Brandt, Country Manager of WhisperPower Deutschland GmbH, explains: “We were approached by MTD Medientechnik to design the most silent and cleanest power system in the world. We took the challenge and created this revolutionary system within one year. Soon we will see hundreds of these systems on the road, not only related to the film industry but also in other mobile applications which includes Medical-,  Sewage-, Demonstration- and Roadwork trucks”. The power systems are produced in the WhisperPower facility in Drachten, the Netherlands.

W SQ 40 Left Side Open1
W-SQ 40, Stage V generator