Earthling E-40 “Motor Catamaran” project in New Zealand

Catamaran Earthling1

WhisperPower succeeded to build the first electrical propelled motor catamaran, which was recently launched. This catamaran is equipped with a lot of WhisperPower gear, including modular Lithium batteries.

What’s in the Earthling E-40 Power Catamaran?

The solution which is used for the Earthling E-40 Power Catamaran is made out of a OctoPower 7 system + generator, the Piccolo GV 3. The OctoPower 7 is a battery-based power system for 7 kW 230 VAC, 50 Hz power (14 kW max) with auxiliary DC Genverter diesel generator for fast recharging of the Lithium batteries. Modular design with Super Inverter(s) and Super Chargers for 4.3 or 8.6 kW battery charging.

This (lithium) battery pack is rechargeable from different sources, like in this case the WhisperSolar flex roof panels which are placed on the roof of the catamaran. These flexible and lightweight panels are a great solution for the Earthling E-40 as they are waterproof and salt resistant.

WhisperPower has the best full-system E-Propulsion solution for the huge (recreational marine) market and will be able to offer a large application sea trial, something rare but essential in this evolving market of early adopters.

The combination of world-leading technology in 48 VDC motors and backup 48 VDC generation available worldwide, both unique and progressive, will be very well received by the discerning market.


Enjoy Green Energy, the slogan of WhisperPower proves it.

Check out this 3D tour of the E-40 Power Catamaran
3D tour
Check out this video about the E-40 Power Catamaran