Energy for the construction of a new cycle route


The new bike route

About 500 metres from WhisperPower’s headquarters in Drachten, in the north of the Netherlands, a new bicycle connection is being built between Drachten and nearby Ureterp. The new cycle connection will be 3 metres wide and suitable for two directions. The intention is to stimulate the use of (electric) bicycles so that fewer people will use their cars. This will lead to fewer emissions and thus a cleaner world.

The supplied energy

WhisperPower supplies the energy for this project in cooperation with InfraSolar. Two InfraSolar units were installed for this purpose. An InfraSolar is a container with an onboard hybrid power system. It’s great to see our products at work so close by!

  • One InfraSolar unit is in use to charge the fully electric machines. This is done from the InfraSolar container, which consists of a lithium battery pack. During the day, the battery pack is charged by the sun using the large racks of solar panels placed next to it in combination with the WhisperPower Suntrack Pros. Inverters in the container ensure that the battery voltage is converted to 3 phases 230/400V AC / 50 Hz by 3 x WPCs, which serve as a power source for the fast chargers for these machines. In the evening and during breaks, this energy from the batteries is used to charge the excavators.
  • The second InfraSolar unit ensures that offices and shelters are supplied with energy in a green way. Here too, the energy comes from the battery pack, which is charged by the sun.

Both InfraSolar units contain a WhisperPower AtlasGO generator that automatically switches on when the sun cannot generate enough energy. In this way, there is always enough energy to power the construction of this cycle route and WhisperPower contributes to a cleaner world.