From solar power to hydrogen


”Kenter is installing a medium-voltage cable from the solar park in Oosterwolde to the Compact station”. Says Jaring de Wolff of Kenter.

Over the next five years, this pilot project in Oosterwolde will investigate how hydrogen can contribute to the more efficient use of the electricity grid.

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How is solar energy converted into hydrogen?

Jaring de Wolff: ”The solar panel park in Oosterwolde generates a voltage of 20kV, which has to be converted to 400V by installing a medium-voltage cable to the Compact station. In the Compact station, the generated energy is converted to the right voltage, after which it is transported via low-voltage cabling and a distribution connection to the hydrogen plant”.

At that moment, the generated energy has the right voltage. Hydrogen is generated through electrolysis, during which water is separated into oxygen and hydrogen gas. Hydrogen gas can be used in various ways, as fuel for vehicles / in a mixture for natural gas for heating / or again in conversion to electricity for applications in industry.

What did we deliver?

The installation

The installation of the UPS systems was carried out by Bakker Elektrotechniek from Hooghalen.

WhisperPower supplied two types of backup systems for the Compact station, a 24V UPS and a 230V UPS.

Which products did we supply?

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